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Our Work

Creating culturally creative campaigns demands a diverse team. We believe our diverse team helps us create campaigns that are in touch with Hispanic consumers and memorable. The Segura Marketing & Media Solutions team has helped a variety of companies in many creative capacities, each one tailor to the need of the brand, service or product.

Our organization offers marketing, communications, advertising and media service to domestic and global organizations that wish to connect to the fastest growing ethnic group in the nation - multicultural Americans.




Our Team

Nicholas Segura

Nicholas created his first Hispanic agency in 2004 right after Hispanics became the largest minority population in the U.S. Since then, he has launched new agencies and LaSTEMA.org. He has continued to be a voice promoting diversity in advertising and culturally relevant marketing. The agency has expanded into now representing multilingual talent for commercial advertising work.

RJ Gutierrez
Market Research

RJ graduated in 2016 with a masters degree in Cultural Sustainability and has a background in Anthropology. Her main focus is working on bridging the gap between historic and contemporary cultures as well as creating and strengthening community bonds in culturally diverse areas.

Ruby Montoya

Ruby studied fine art and journalism before getting her degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Kansas with a concentration in labor, trade and economics. Her senior thesis explored the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin America.

Erika Cortes
Marketing Strategist

As a native from Mexico City, Erika applies her multicultural and multilingual marketing skills as a project manager for our clients. Her MBA and previous international marketing experience add cultural relevance to brands seeking to better understand and grow Hispanic consumers.

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About Us
The first thing you’ll notice when working with our team is our diversity. Each one of our team members brings a passion in promoting diversity and sensitivity in advertising. Our teams varied background help us create better, more unique ideas, and this is why our clients call us. Demographics are changing rapidly and our passion is built on understanding how to best reach new audiences. Our founder Nicholas Segura had a goal to develop a diverse team, one unique in the industry, to help good clients reach new audiences more effectively. As emerging markets grow exponentially, having a diverse team offers insights that connect the dots between culture, language and understanding.

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