A Unique Creative Team in the Advertising Industry

Nicholas Segura – Emerging and underrepresented markets have always been an interest. After creating and selling his first agency CHE Creative, Nicholas created 385 Agency and then Somos Agency. His focus has always been in diversity marketing and representing diverse talent in the commercial marketing and modeling industry. His first client in business was Hallmark Cards and they continue to be long-term clients after eight years.

Ruby Montoya – Ruby studied fine art and journalism before getting her degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Kansas with a concentration in labor, trade and economics. Her senior thesis explored the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin America. She’s always loved media, marketing and design and has worked in various industries and roles, giving her a multidimensional view of how different fields coincide and how to solve complex problems with innovation and creativity.

Fatma Saidi – Fatma is a triple-STEM, knows five languages + coding and HTML. Carla has built a variety of websites and has worked for engineering firms. She continues her education in civil engineering and computer sciences while supporting Segura Marketing and website clients.

Brandon Thomas – Prior to joining the firm, he was a designer at Woodruff Sweitzer. His design experience has included working as an event designer at the National WWI Museum and Memorial and at Egghead. Brandon has also served as an art instructor at Dragon Stars, a seasonal program where he taught arts and crafts and helped create curriculum for K-3rd grade students. Brandon has a bachelor of studio art from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

RJ Gutierrez – RJ graduated in 2016 with a masters degree in Cultural Sustainability and has a background in Anthropology. Her main focus is working on bridging the gap between historic and contemporary cultures as well as creating and strengthening community bonds in culturally diverse areas. Her most recent work has explored developing museum exhibitions to be more “user friendly”, incorporating crowd sourced material, open dialogues, and creating collaborative visual art pieces. She is currently working to develop interactive workshops for future exhibitions in museums and other venues.

Erika Streator – When Erika first started going to school she wasn’t sure what she wanted to go for.  When she started studying photography she took a digital imaging class which allowed her to work in photoshop. She realized she liked working in the program so she took another class, typography, that took her to the InDesign program. Finally, she was introduced to Illustrator, which she absolutely loves, and realized she was back to what she had originally started going to school for, graphic design. She graduated from UMKC with her Bachelors of Arts in Studio with an emphasis in graphic design. She is a sucker for beautiful typography and absolutely loves the idea of less is more. She always enjoys a good design challenge.
Donna Coen – A seasoned artist, Donna has created logos for new businesses and helped a variety of clients by creating unique marketing communications.