Segura Marketing (formerly known as Somos Agency) continues to grow, along with the market’s need for connecting to Hispanic consumers.

The strategic move helps to clarify and differentiate its services for clients, President Nicholas Segura said.

Last month, the team moved into a larger office at 104 E. 5th St. in the City Market. The space, which is nearly twice the size of the company’s previous office, is more conducive to client meetings and also gives the agency room to grow.

Segura plans to hire 10 new employees during the next year, mainly for tech support and social media. The new hires will more than double the employees.

A driving factor for the growth is the Surveys app, which will launch Nov. 1. The app is geared toward Hispanic consumers and “will guarantee that a brand’s messaging will get into the hands of consumers and in the language that the consumer prefers,” he said.

Brands will be able to push information, such as new product launches and coupons, through the app. It also includes a survey feature to help brands gain insight into how consumers view their products. Hispanics “over-index” in mobile downloads and social media, he said, and the app will help brands reach their target audience in the right medium.

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